I have been taking photographs since I was a kid, as my Mom can tell you. I always take my camera with me because I never know what will attract my attention. So, a lot of my work is of things, places, buildings, etc that I like. A lot of times, one shape in the landscape will catch my attention, so most of my photography is trying to bring out the shapes that I see in my frame. I am also heavily influenced by the 20’s and 30’s. Whether it be architecture, lifestyle, or media, there was such elegance and style to the era and I am trying to bring that back to our present which is often cold, hard and without soul.


 I will snap it, put it in the editor and then play with different effects. However, I often get these crazy ideas for shoots as I have been stylist and creative director on shoots for others. I never know what I am going to create, it just sort of happens. Life is a beautiful adventure and I am snapping it all frame by frame.






Anna Patten

© Artfully Odd Photography 

Email: AnnaPattenPhoto1@gmail.com

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