Graphic Art Photo Works 


This section highlights my more creative graphic art side. The less commercial side. This is where my love for shapes, architecture and color come to the forefront. Truly, these works are my artistic passion and a way for my imagination to set itself free.  . 

Hawaii 1

Lady Muscle

All Seeing Eye 1

Victorian Light 2_edited

theres a cupcake 2

Bright tea print 2

Praying lady

Spring on Jupiter



nebula 1

World on Fire 1

Vortex 3

Lovely day

Over the hill

House of Mystery

Circle in the Sand

World on Fire

Through the Eye

Through the Bone

Lady Justice

American Arena

Lady Detective3

Lady Pin-Up


Keep America Working Poster

Lady Statue

Light & Dark

Garden in Summer

© Artfully Odd Photography 


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Victorian Light 2_edited