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The Find of Her Life:

A new romance novel by Anna Patten (Amp Artfully Odd)

& Tim Lasure

 Now Available

The Find of Her Life is the romantic tale of brilliant archeologist, Dr. Maggie MacLeod and her search to find love again after her world is turned upside down. Maggie is at the top of her field, a well-respected Doctor and a redhead to boot, with what seems like the perfect life. A wonderfully close knit and large Scottish family, three brothers who adore her, a successful career in archeology, which happens to be the family business and her breathtakingly handsome fiancé, fellow archeologist Dr. Michael Tucker. Life is good. Then 2 weeks before their wedding, Michael is killed suddenly in front of her eyes while on a dig in Mexico. Picking up the shattered remains of her life, Maggie tries to bury her loss in her work.


Sent on a dig in the mountains of Appalachia, she has a huge chip on her shoulder. Michael’s loss seems to haunt her every move. To complicate matters, the Appalachian Native Americans of West Virginia send a representative to look over her shoulder. Maggie is furious. The last thing she needs is someone unqualified telling her how to do her job. And to top it off, she is saddled with a group of College interns who are just starting out in the field.


Dr. Ben “Sahale” Adams, a local college professor of Native American studies, seems to know how to push all of Maggie’s buttons. His interest at first is just with keeping his elder council happy, but it quickly shifts to helping Maggie heal her spirit. It’s a tough job to balance. Maggie, herself, is sure that she has never met anyone so stubborn or more handsome either. But when the pair discover a significant and somewhat other worldly find, Maggie feels her heart start to soften towards Ben. With every look of his smoldering eyes, she feels herself start to fall and guilt over a lost love sets in.

When an added discovery threatens their ancient discovery, will it tear their new love apart? And can Maggie put the ghosts of her past to rest before she opens her heart again?

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Look for my short story, The Letter. A long lost letter brings to light a legacy of love that has unfolded in one manor house and how it changed the life of all it touched.

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